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Plano Premier Girls Lacrosse is a501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to provide a positive, fun and competitive environment for girls in grades K-12 in the Plano area to play the sport of lacrosse. We offer a youth program for grades K-8 which focuses on fun, friendship, skill development and building a life-long love for the game of lacrosse. Our Varsity program for high school girls continues to build on the foundations they learned as younger athletes in a more competitive team environment.

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Plano Premier Girls Lacrosse is committed to building a lacrosse community where everyone feels valued and included. We celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion, and encourage our athletes to be their true, authentic selves. We believe that a culture of understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all makes our athletes and teams stronger and adds significant value to the team experience for everyone.


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Lacrosse is a Game for All

Plano Girls Lacrosse is committed to fostering a community that encourages understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all. Like USA Lacrosse, we believe that broad representation and participation, through accessibility and availability to everyone, add significant value to the lacrosse experience of each of us.

It is our desire at Plano Lacrosse to gain community funding to keep program costs low so youth from all economic backgrounds within our community are able to experience the game of lacrosse. It is our desire to raise community funds to help support our youth lacrosse program and introduce the sport to underserved areas in our community in addition to establishing relationships with programs and organizations that are committed to increasing opportunities for youth in our community. 

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It’s all about the kids! More kids play lacrosse today than ever before.  There are mental, cardiovascular, and strength benefits that come from lacrosse, which is a blend of multiple sports and is actually one of the fastest growing ones among youth players in America.Lacrosse is a dynamic sport that teaches youth work ethic, motivation, response to failure, ability to work with others, how to handle peer pressure, personal health, confidence building, and self awareness.

Lacrosse is fun to play and exciting to watch. It is characterized by intense action, strategy, finesse and power. It is a game with long, looping passes and short bullet-like shots: to catch a pass over the shoulder while running at full stride, to hit the top corner of the net while in full flight, or to stop a shot aimed low through a maze of players requires a range of skills unsurpassed in any other sport. The wide open-nature of the game makes it a great spectator sport.

Team sports are an excellent way learn how to come together and work towards a common goal. The players work, sweat, plan and play together. Overcoming obstacles within a team is also a good way to develop lifelong friendships.

Like other team sports, lacrosse offers opportunities to develop leadership skills, social interaction skills, a sense of belonging and camaraderie, as well as physical skills, friendships, and respect for teammates, coaches, and officials.

It is our desire to grow Plano Girls Lacrosse into a premier lacrosse program that serves the 33,000 girls within our community. Please help us by contributing to our mission. 

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