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Plano Girls Lacrosse

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Want to learn more about Plano Girls Lacrosse? Read on!


all ages &
all levels

Plano Girls Lacrosse welcomes all girls from kindergarten through 12th grade.  We encourage girls of all levels to play lacrosse—and want new-to-the-sport girls to join the fun!

One of the benefits of our program is that all girls will play. The fun is on the field!  At the high school level, playing time varies according to the coaches' discretion. However, we've had many first-time players walk on and thrive!


We're here to grow in encouragement, confidence, hard work, and fun! At Plano Girls Lacrosse, we stick together.


all locations

Plano Girls Lacrosse is for all K-12 girls in the Plano area. Unlike the boys' lacrosse teams in Plano, which are split into different geographic areas, we are the ONLY girls lacrosse team for the entire Plano area. 

Our area of eligibility also actually goes beyond the borders of Plano & Plano ISD. We have girls from neighboring areas (Richardson, Garland and parts of North Dallas) on our team because those areas don't have a girls' team of their own. 


If you have any questions about location or eligibility, feel free to email us at


all in this together

We're proud to see our teammates strengthen bonds on and off the field. Whether you're just joining our program or have been here for years, get ready for new friends. We believe in playing with kindness and inclusion. And we've built a tradition of building friendships that last well beyond high school. Fierce, friendly and fun, let's play lacrosse!

all about opportunity

Be a part of a fast growing sport with countless opportunities for young women!


Girls lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in the US at the high school and college levels. There are currently more than 500 NCAA women's Varsity lacrosse programs.  

Some Plano Girls Lacrosse Varsity athletes have gone on to play in NCAA Varsity lacrosse programs in college.


Plano Girls Lacrosse

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Rebecca Shankar
Dottie Vo
Megan Moss
Wendi Ryland
Charlie Ryland
Shelly Rogers
Christine Heaney
Barb Thompson

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